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WHAT IS FITNESS-GAMING.COM? is the first independent portal dedicated to the growing global fitness gaming market and its accompanying products and services. 

Two big markets connected and intertwined. Their synergy has created a foundation for a whole new physical movement! 

GAMING elements combined with FITNESS create a new kind of physical activity which offers challenge, feedback on your progress, and very often competition. FITNESS becomes fun, motivating and measurable.

Although there are other names used for this hybrid market, such as EXERGAMING or ACTIVE GAMING, the name FITNESS GAMING brings into one’s mind most vividly and quickly associations with what our portal is all about - fitness + gaming.



The portal is for everyone who wants to keep current with the exciting market of fitness gaming. The market is developing at a staggering pace to include a growing number of new, innovative products and initiatives whose end goal is to motivate children and adults to move, to develop healthy life habits, and ultimately to contribute to creating and maintaining a healthy society. Fitness gaming products and concepts have a broad range of applications which can be put to use in many different areas of everyday life, as well as in business concepts and projects benefiting society.



The concept behind the FG portal has been envisioned and designed to cover all the markets that use fitness gaming products in a simple, easy to understand way. We keep you current with news about the latest products, services and activities of all the major players in the fitness gaming arena, from manufacturers and distributors to various organisations and individuals operating in the domains of fitness, wellness, health, technology, and active gaming.

Main categories overview →

MARKETS -  Through this category we strive to provide a cross-section of the entire fitness gaming market in a simple, organised way, based on five areas in which the products and concepts are applied: Fitness & Sports, Health & Rehabilitation, Schools & Community, Events & Fun, and Home Fitness. This method of market segmentation makes it easier for you to research market offerings and make the final decision while planning and implementing any potential projects that involve fitness gaming content.

EXPERTS – The category in which we create room for researchers, physicians, teachers, coaches, professionals, thought leaders, and speakers to write about various topics and present their expertise and ideas to the world of fitness gaming, and to create a foundation for potential collaboration with companies, organisations, and individuals.

ZONES – Here we present local business concepts from across the world that use fitness gaming products to implement their activities and projects in different markets worldwide. 

PROFILES – This category serves as a directory of sorts where you can find information about companies, organisations, zones, events, and experts, sorted by location, related articles, and alphabetically. You can also do a search using a map with marked pins for each profile.

We plan to create further content which will additionally enhance the offer of information in the field of fitness gaming. Either way, keep an eye on us!



We work with manufacturers, distributors, organisations, event organisers, and individuals who are active in the areas of fitness, wellness, health, technology, and active gaming with their innovative products, solutions, and concepts. FG represents a unique platform that allows information about their business operations reach the target audience.


OUR COMPANY is powered by Fitness Gaming Group Ltd. based in Zagreb, Croatia.  

For general inquires please use our online form or email us at closely works with digital marketing agency Totalweb, our sister company, whose team strongly supports our web presence efforts.



Drazen Bokun, CEO & Founder

Iris Kulik Bokun, COO

Ana Bazulic, Marketing & Sales Manager

Leon Bokun, Business Development Manager 

Ivona Baric, Content Editor

Veronika Uravic Colak, Designer