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At we strive to provide our readers with the latest news from the fitness gaming industry, sourced from a global pool of particular markets: Fitness & Sports, Health & Rehabilitaion, Schools & Community, Events & Fun and Home Fitness.

Besides our News categories, we're also working on forming a dedicated EXPERTS category of the portal, where you, as an expert, will be able to contribute to the world of fitness gaming with your particular expertise, either with a one-off submission or a series of articles. 

So, if you are a researcher, physician, medical specialist, teacher, thought leader or speaker, and if you are passionate and knowledgeable about areas related to fitness, wellness, health, technology and active gaming, is the right place for you to showcase your projects, ideas and research to the world. Your articles will create interest in the particular topic you write about and provide you with grounds for potential collaboration with businesses, organisations or individuals.



We offer you a platform to showcase and profile your research, ideas or projects and expose your work to a growing readership of the fitness gaming global audience. 

Share your ideas and get massive exposure for your expertise!

Partnering with as a contributing expert reflects a win-win relationship. You help us deliver great targeted content to the global fitness gaming readership and professionals in different market segments, and we help you get more exposure and recognition for your expertise.



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