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Topgolf: Sports Entertainment, Food and Fun

Topgolf is a golf entertainment centre offering members a chance to play exciting interactive golf games and have a fun night out with their friends and families.
Topgolf: Sports Entertainment, Food and Fun

Topgolf is a golf entertainment centre offering members a chance to play exciting interactive golf games and have a fun night out with their friends and families.

Topgolf is a golf entertainment complex that combines the game of golf with the atmosphere of a local bar. Interactive golf games available at the complex let members challenge their friends and families and compete with them to score points while having enormous fun playing addictive sports games. The complex is open all year-round and the golf games are suitable to users of any age and skill level. Other than games, Topgolf sports entertainment centres offer menus and cocktails.

The idea of Topgolf was conceived on a driving range in North London in 2000, when the Jolliffe brothers began to think about the ways to liven up their range experience while practicing their swings. The idea was to create a place where golf enthusiasts could work on improving their game, have a good time with their buddies, and always know where their golf ball had landed and how close to the pin their shots were. Topgolf was the result of this idea. Today, the complex provides members with an entirely different kind of golf experience. Topgolf members can have drinks with their friends, play some exciting games, have fun with their kids, all at the same time.


At the Topgolf centres, players hit golf balls equipped with microchips at targets on an outfield. The balls are capable of scoring the distance and accuracy of each shot in real time, allowing players to compete against each other.The interactive games at Topgolf centres use a 240 yard outfield with dartboard-like targets. The closer the golf balls get to the centre of the target and the farther out they get, the more points the players win. Players hit the balls into one of the 11 targets , all of which are equipped with a reader that can detect the microchips inside the balls. The reader calculates the score based on distance and accuracy, and sends the data back to the player's screen.

The games members can play at Topgolf centres include TopChip, which uses only three targets and requires players to hit the right one in order to score points, and TopBreak, the objective of which is to hit the red target followed by any other target. Players are scored based on the distance of the target and they must hit the targets at four consecutive distances, with the starting target determining the game's difficulty level.


Topgolf centres are located in Chigwell, Surrey, and Watford in the UK and in a number of major American cities, including Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Dulles, Atlanta, Tampa, and Kansas City. Topgolf currently serves over 2.2 million annual visitors across the world.

In 2013, Topgolf has evolved to become a state-of-the-art entertainment facility, one combining dynamic events with food and drink menus far better than those found in regular sports bars. It is an excellent place for events and parties, from corporate events to charitable fundraisers and social parties.

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