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Kidform: Sports and Leisure for the Entire Family

The Kidform concept provides a global health and fitness solution for children and families.
Kidform: Sports and Leisure for the Entire Family

The Kidform concept provides a global health and fitness solution for children and families.

Kidform is a sports, health and leisure complex located on the outskirts of Montbéliard, France. The complex is unique in Europe as it offers a variety of fitness activities for the entire family. It consists of three health and fitness facilities: the Waterform club, the Kidform club, and the Kidform park. The services available at the centre include fitness and sports activities, pools, and a multi-sports park for kids. Some of the sports activities guests can choose from are aerobics, bodybuilding, swimming, aquagym fitness, and dance. Those looking to take a break from exercise can enjoy a steam bath or sauna.

The Kidform concept is designed to provide kids aged 6 to 12 with a variety of fun options that help improve their fitness level, coordination, agility, and endurance while at the same time promoting group cohesion and improving the kids’ focus, autonomy, and self-confidence.

Kidform programs for kids include Bodykid, Ninja Kid, Water Kid and Kid Training. The Bodykid program uses jumping and movements inspired by animals to provide kids with a fun, vigorous workout. In the Ninja Kid program, children learn teamwork and respect for others while improving their health and vitality. The Waterkid program combines a number of activities to help kids feel comfortable in the water and to learn to control their behaviour in the water. Kidtraining is a fun, innovative circuit training program that provides kids with a full body workout, including both strength and cardio training. It is particularly good for the development of postural control, and suitable to kids of all fitness levels. The program, designed for children aged 7 to 13, challenges kids’ physical skills and endurance while promoting play and using innovative equipment to make the moves more fun.

The equipment used at the Kidform centre includes steppers, treadmills, rowing machines, elliptical trainers, ski trainers, and semi-recumbent stationary bikes. The Moonwalker and the Star Walker, two popular products at the centre, help children improve balance, coordination, and cardiovascular endurance. The Kidzcore lateral snowboarder immerses kids in the world of snowboarding, motivating them to exert effort without even realizing it. The Surf Trainer, another original piece of equipment, uses two lateral supports and a horizontal pivot for balance and speed training while simultaneously providing kids with the experience of a fantasy glide. The Kidzcore kneel and spin, also designed for cardio exercises, uses rotational movement to tone the lower body. The Skier lets children experience slalom.

Kidform offers a global solution for sports and physical activity based on what children find motivating and in response to parents’ need for activities that complement sports, yet provide an entirely new experience. The programs available at the Kidform centre let children exercise in a safe environment, at their own individual levels, to improve their fitness and well-being. The programs contribute to the children’s development and motivate them to adopt healthy habits.

The Kidform concept is a club within a club, a solution for entrepreneurs and professionals looking to provide entire families with solutions that benefit their health and well-being. Kidform can be integrated within existing health and fitness clubs to attract new customers, to retain families by providing a new service, and to make clubs more appealing by introducing innovative solutions and promoting family health. The Kidtraining solutions can be tailored to meet the needs of individual clubs and the space they have available.

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