4Active Fast-Paced Immersive Games Put Players’ Speed and Coordination to the Test

4Active Fast-Paced Immersive Games Put Players’ Speed and Coordination to the Test images: CSE ENTERTAINMENT 

4Active delivers action-packed games that challenge the players’ speed, reaction time, coordination and strategic thinking while immersing them in fun, highly compelling gameplay.  

CSE Entertainment's 4Active interactive gaming system uses classic dance pad-style interfaces as game controllers to deliver a single or multiplayer active gaming experience that appeals to players of all ages and skill levels. The interactive system immerses players in exciting competitive gameplay using impressive high-definition (UDH 4K) graphics and a range of games that can be played by 1-4 players. The games are primarily designed for children and teenagers, but have also proven to be a success among adults and seniors. The innovative gaming platform can bring hours of fun to children’s clubs, activity parks, gaming zones, schools, shopping malls, airports, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and a wide range of similar locations.

active pads

4Active allows players to simply jump into any of the games by stepping on one of the ActivePads to start gameplay. The ActivePads are custom-made game interfaces used to control the game. They are similar to the dance mats used in Dance Dance Revolution and other popular dance games, and very safe and easy to use. They are built to be durable and their design makes them a stylish addition to any activity area. The 4Active platform comes with four ActivePad controllers, four screens, and a PC with preloaded software and three games with different game modes and difficulty levels. For customers with smaller areas, 4Active Lite brings just as much fun with two screens and ActivePads.

active game pads

The three games that come pre-installed with the system are very easy to learn and suitable for a variety of locations. They are designed to deliver fun, friendly play and to enhance a number of skills, including motor skills, eye-foot coordination, spatial awareness, reaction time, and balance. The games also challenge players’ strategic thinking and help develop their teamwork skills, all while providing a uniquely fun activity to enjoy with friends or family.

active game pads

Gridsoccer challenges players to score goals for their team by moving their avatars using arrow buttons on the controller, and to tackle opposing players by bumping into them. The game improves players’ coordination, reaction speed, eye-foot coordination and teamwork skills. It comes with a special game mode – Rumble – that introduces various obstacles and special items to make gameplay even more hectic and exciting.

active game pads

Pool Party allows players to compete in several game modes – Normal, Lifering, Paint and Party – by using arrows to control their avatar. Players can push others out of the game area, into the water, to collect points and they must be careful not to get hit by a bat or a ball. The player who scores the most points before the game ends is the winner. Designed to improve coordination, balance and strategic thinking, the game is incredibly fun both for kids and adults.

active game pads

Lite Step, the latest addition, puts players’ speed to the test, asking them to step on the arrows indicated on the screen as fast as they can. The faster the players react, the more points they score. As the game progresses, two or even three arrows can light up at the same time, challenging players to jump or use their hands. Watch the video below to see the immersive gameplay that Lite Step delivers.

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