DDR X2 Arcade Challenges Players to Stay in Step

DDR X2 Arcade Challenges Players to Stay in Step images: KONAMI, BLOGS.YAHOO.CO.JP 

The DDR X2 arcade game lets players put their dance skills to the test and track their performance and calorie burn.

The 2009 release of DanceDanceRevolution X2, the arcade version of Konami’s popular dance game series, has attractive new light treatments and features more than 400 songs, including 70 licensed hits. The redesigned interface makes it very easy for players to select their favourite tunes. The dance floor and dance pads have been enhanced from the previous version to provide accurate scoring and endure more usage, anticipating the game’s success and popularity.


DDR X2 delivers a highly aerobic workout and measures players’ performance to provide them with data on calorie burn. The arcade game allows players to adjust the game settings based on their skill set. Beginners can select Happy Mode, with a simplified interface and a reduced song list, and advanced players can go with PRO Mode. The PRO Mode lets players really test and challenge their skills with options like “arrow speed adjustment,” “risky” and “hidden/sudden steps.”

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