EyePlay Installed at Children’s Museum of La Crosse

EyePlay Installed at Children’s Museum of La Crosse images: CHILDREN'S MUSEUM OF LA CROSSE FACEBOOK 

An EyePlay system was installed at the Children’s Museum of La Crosse in La Crosse, Wisconsin just in time to be revealed on New Year’s Day.

With the motto “learning and fun rolled into one,” the museum provides a learning environment for children, with hands-on exhibits across three floors, and aims to help children grow and learn through active play. The EyePlay was installed on the first floor, where children can enjoy playing motion-activated games in the virtual playground. The system has received a very positive response so far. Children’s Museum Executive Director Anne Snow said, “It has exceeded our expectations in every way. The visitors love it and the fact that multiple kids can use it at the same time is fantastic. The icing on the cake was seeing a girl with special needs playing on the EyePlay floor.”

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