GameCity Kicks Off in Nottingham This Week

GameCity Kicks Off in Nottingham This Week images: GAMECITY, FACEBOOK 

GameCity videogame festival runs from October 25 to November 1 in Nottingham in the UK.

GameCity, Europe's largest cultural videogames festival, kicks off in Nottingham on Saturday, October 25, and will take place at various venues across the Nottingham City Centre. The ninth edition of the festival will bring together leading game developers and enthusiasts from the UK and abroad for eight days of mostly free fun and games for all ages.

GameCity 9 will host a number of talks and workshops and feature many original games and arcades. The Open Arcade will welcome game developers from across the globe who will bring the past, present, and future games and let visitors experience them and test their skills. Developers will also provide visitors with a unique opportunity to learn more about game design and development, digital storytelling, concept art, composing music for video games, VR interface technology, and many other interesting topics.


On October 30, visitors will have fun with the LIVE Text adventures as the festival turns off the pictures and invites them to go on a text adventure. The multi-player adventure will be co-performed by writers including James Moran (“Doctor Who”), Ian Livingstone (“Fighting Fantasy”), Zoe Quinn (“Depression Quest”), Chris Avellone (“Planescape: Torment”), and Kieron Gillen (“Uncanny X-Men”).

The festival will feature a number of innovative game experiences including AREEF, an underwater game for children, and the Sports Time Machine, an original installation by Hiroshi Inukai that lets people race themselves, their friends, elephants, footballers, and cheetahs.



On closing day, November 1, visitors will have a chance to get involved in The Sheriff's Gauntlet, a trial of skill and ingenuity inspired by the trials devised by the Sheriff of Nottingham centuries ago, challenging citizens to compete in a series of mental and physical challenges in order to better themselves. The Sheriff's Gauntlet will take place at several locations, including the Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham Castle, an the Royal Concert Hall. The overall winner will have a square metre of land named after him/her at a special ceremony with the Sheriff of Nottingham. Those interested in competing can register at by October 27 to get the instructions.

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