SkyPods Introduce Interactive Games to Trampoline Parks

SkyPods Introduce Interactive Games to Trampoline Parks images: RUGGED INTERACTIVE 

Rugged Interactive’s SkyPods are fully interactive LED pods designed to enhance trampolining with interactive games.

SkyPods are interactive installations developed by Rugged Interactive specifically for trampoline parks. The multi-coloured bulletproof LED pods are designed to make trampolining more engaging by introducing gameplay and competition to the popular activity. The pods challenge players to score points with correct hits, testing a range of skills in the process, including jumping accuracy, reaction time, peripheral vision, visual alertness, and hand-eye coordination. Players can try to beat their own score as they jump or compete with others to get to the top of the leaderboard while simultaneously improving their speed, stamina, mobility, strength and balance.

interactive trampoline game

interactive trampoline gameinteractive trampoline game

Trampolining is a fun, invigorating activity that offers a quick way to increase balance and agility, as well as build and tone muscles in the legs, thighs, hips, abdomen and arms. The repetitive bouncing motion, when performed regularly at a moderate to vigorous intensity, improves balance, motor skills, cardiovascular fitness and lymphatic function, clearing the body of toxins and improving the immune function. Trampolines can generally be adjusted to any ability level and are suitable for users of any age. Even though they provide an intense workout for the bones and muscles, they absorb about 80 percent of the shock from the rebound, which makes them significantly easier on the joints than other forms of cardio training that deliver similar benefits.

interactive trampoline game

Designed to enhance customer engagement in trampoline parks, Rugged Interactive’s SkyPods offer unique programs to motivate users’ bodies and minds and give them a full body workout. The games engage multiple muscle groups, enhancing strength and endurance in the core, as well as in the upper and lower body. The built-in voice commands and sound effects encourage players to push themselves harder, while the wall-mounted displays offer them instant feedback and results.

interactive trampoline game

The SkyPods come in configurations of 5, 7 or 9 interactive pods with a digital scoreboard/timer display that can be mounted next to the trampolines. The pods are robust, durable, easy to operate and do not take up much space when mounted to a wall. Customers can combine them with different graphics and colours to give their trampoline centre a unique look.

interactive trampoline game

Watch the video below to see how the SkyPods can transform a trampoline workout into a fun interactive experience.


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