GolfBlaster 3D Delivers the Latest in Golf Simulation Technology

GolfBlaster 3D Delivers the Latest in Golf Simulation Technology images: DATALINK 

The GolfBlaster 3D Golf System offers the latest in golf simulator technology, allowing golfers to use their own equipment to play on some of the world's top golf courses.

The GolfBlaster 3D uses cutting-edge simulation software and an advanced new graphics engine to simulate the world's most famous golf courses and deliver the ultimate, hi-res experience to virtual golfers.

The 3D graphics include three-dimensional objects on the golf course, including houses, bridges, trees, and bushes, to provide a realistic, detailed simulation of the course. The trees and bushes on the virtual course even react to the wind and, if the ball falls into a lake, the user can see it sink to the bottom.

The system is compact and easy to maintain. It lets users enjoy all the aspects of the real game on different playing surfaces, from the fairway and rough to sand. Golfers can practice their short game, long game, putting, chipping, and any other shot they would try on a real golf course.

golf simulator

golf simulator

The GolfBlaster 3D system uses unique dual sensor tracking, which collects data both from the club head and the golf ball, and can detect all kinds of shots – lobs, pitches, slices, hooks, fades, putts, draws – and reproduce them with great accuracy and realism. It is an excellent tool for training, teaching, and club fitting, as it provides a detailed swing analysis, technical information about ball flight trajectories, and an advanced putting system for precision play. The GolfBlaster 3D system uses 3D physics calculations to deliver an accurate interpretation of the ball flight and impact. Users can select the type of camera motion displayed, which gives them a complete picture of the flight.

The GolfBlaster 3D also offers some fun options for the whole family, including mini golf, golf for kids, and demolition golf.

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