Hykso Wearable Punch Trackers Deliver Measurable Data to Help Boxers Improve Faster

Hykso Wearable Punch Trackers Deliver Measurable Data to Help Boxers Improve Faster images: HYKSO 

Hykso punch trackers track users' hand movements and measure the number, type and velocity of their punches to provide them with insight into their punch output, training progress and combat readiness in real time.

Hykso punch tracking technology provides professional and recreational boxers with an effective way to set clear goals for their training sessions and use real-time feedback to improve their performance faster. Using punch trackers and a companion app, the innovative solution offers accurate data that allows users to measure their progress over time and provides them with insights into how combat ready they really are. The data can also be used to pinpoint the areas that need improvement and plan future training sessions.

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Hykso offers the first wearable fitness tracker designed specifically for boxing. The trackers are worn on top of the users' wrists, under a few layers of their wrist wraps. The tracker pulsing blue is placed on the left wrist, while the one pulsing red is worn on the right wrist. They track users' hand movements 1,000 times per second and collect data on the number, type and velocity of all their punches, recording more than 6,000 data points for each individual punch. At the same time, the Hykso app enables users to track their punch output in real time and see the progress they have made over the course of days, weeks and months. Boxers can simply look at their smartphone to get insights into all the key aspects of their workouts, including striking intensity, exact time of each punch (to measure pace and combos), and punch categories (jab, cross, left power, right power).

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Knowing how many punches they threw in during a workout motivates users to train harder, while the data on punch speed helps them work on their combinations and can push them to increase the frequency of their punches. If they are training for a fight, boxers can see how combat fit they are by looking at the Intensity Score metric, which measures their physical output during training.

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Hykso punch trackers make an excellent solution for gyms and fitness clubs, as they integrate seamlessly with any standard monitor or screen to transform the training experience and increase member retention. The technology tracks all the members' training sessions and enables them to train like professional fighters, delivering measurable data on the effort they put into their workouts. Operators can use leaderboards to motivate members to increase the intensity of their training or they can keep their data private and use it only to set attainable goals for individual members.

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Hykso technology allows coaches to improve training by helping them understand members' behaviour better and by giving them objective data that they can use to create personalized training programs for each of their clients.

The platform offers a social way to train, allowing members to share their data and compare their results and progress with other members. Operators can also use it to gamify training, create reward programs for members, or send them automated custom reports at the end of each month to highlight their achievements.

boxing sensor tracker

Watch the video below to learn more about the Hykso tracking technology from its creator and hear about some of the benefits of using it in training.

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