iDANCE to Be Featured at 2015 European Week of Sport

iDANCE to Be Featured at 2015 European Week of Sport images: POSITIVE GAMING; WEBCAST.CLEVERCAST.EU 

Positive Gaming is one of the companies that will participate in the inaugural European Week of Sport in 2015.

Positive Gaming is one of the fitness gaming companies that participated in the European Week of Sport (EWOS) conference, organised by the European Commission on June 11, 2014 to announce the inaugural European Week of Sport. The company will also be an active participant at the first EWOS, which will be held in the second week of September 2015.

The EWOS conference was held in Brussels at the initiative of Androulla Vassiliou, the European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth, and it brought together 150 experts from sport organisations and institutions in the governmental and non-governmental sector from all over Europe. At the conference, Commissioner Vassiliou announced plans for the first European Week of Sport.


The event will be launched to promote sports, exercise and physical activity to people across Europe and combat the alarming inactivity trend in the EU. A recent Eurobarometer survey revealed that almost 60 percent of people living in EU countries never or hardly ever get any exercise. To address the problem, the European Commission will provide funding for EWOS 2015 from Erasmus+, a new program for education, youth, training and sport.

The Commission will coordinate a series of events and activities during the Week to promote physical activity and mobilise the public. The organisations that sign up to participate in promoting EWOS objectives will get guidance and a European Week of Sport label.

The inaugural edition of EWOS will be an important milestone for the promotion of sports and physical activity in Europe, and it will be built on many existing initiatives and best practices in the field. The event will cover a number of specific areas, from exercise at schools and in the workplace to physical activity for people with disabilities.

The main objectives of EWOS include creating opportunities in people's everyday lives to be active, promoting awareness of the importance of exercise, and removing barriers that prevent people from being active. The campaign will focus on the major target groups – youth, families, adults, and seniors – and specific environments to spread the message, including schools, offices, and larger communities like cities. The final EWOS concept will be presented at the EU Sport Forum, which will be held on December 1 and 2.


Positive Gaming is one of the companies that have had a lot of success in getting both children and adults off the couch and motivating them to engage in a fun, social dance game that benefits their physical, mental and emotional health. The company's revolutionary iDANCE Multiplayer System, which combines exercise with elements of video games and competition, is one of the most popular active gaming solutions on the market used to combat the childhood obesity trend in schools and communities.

To prepare for new challenges and focus on further development and growth, Positive Gaming announced a management change in September. Company founder and former Managing Director Ole Petter Høie has once again taken the helm as CEO. He is taking over from Mark Damave, who served as Managing Director from 2011 to 2014. Høie and his team will handle the distribution, marketing and software development of Positive Gaming systems, while Damave will be in charge of manufacturing, hardware development and logistics.


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