Interactive Ice Skating and Trampoline Games for Better Fitness

Interactive Ice Skating and Trampoline Games for Better Fitness images: EMBEDDED FITNESS, FACEBOOK 

Embedded Fitness provides a variety of interactive fitness solutions to turn exercise into an exciting experience for people of all ages.

The Dutch fitness gaming company Embedded Fitness offers a broad range of solutions designed to make exercise fun. The trampoline game and indoor ice skating simulator are two of the company's products that use the concept of interactive fitness to motivate people to stay healthy.

Extremely popular among kids, the trampoline game brings an entirely new dimension to jumping, turning it into a fun interactive experience with increasing levels of difficulty. The interactive trampoline uses a sensor to measure the strength and frequency of jumps and sends the information to an LCD screen, where kids can sees themselves jumping or jogging. The game can be played by one or more players, and each difficulty level asks them to be more accurate and more intense in their workout.

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Jumping on a trampoline has a number of benefits for people of all ages, including individuals with physical and mental disabilities. The activity itself burns many calories and is easier on the joints than running. It helps both children and adults improve their endurance, jumping power, and foot coordination.

The interactive trampoline is easy to move and transport, and can be used in many different locations, from gyms and fitness centres to schools and recreation facilities. The game is even suitable for use at home.

The ice skating simulator helps users improve and maintain their skating skills throughout the year. The simulator lets users slide on a smooth plate wearing nothing but their socks to practice their skating technique. The system uses a motion sensor and converts virtual skaters' left-to-right movement into forward motion on a screen, providing users with the sensation of skating on real ice. Along with improving their coordination and skating skills, users can compete against others for high scores. The simulator generates a lot of excitement, which goes a long way to motivate users to stay active.

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