iSquash Revolutionizes Classic Game with Interactive Games and Training Modules

iSquash Revolutionizes Classic Game with Interactive Games and Training Modules images: FUN WITH BALLS 

iSquash updates the classic game of squash with fun interactive games and training modules that allow players to train, play and compete against others.

iSquash, a new solution designed for squash training and addictive gameplay, offers a varied range of exciting games that motivate players to develop advanced skills through high-intensity cardio workouts. Launched in May 2016, the interactive solution contains training software that provides players with feedback on their tactics, speed and accuracy in real time and helps them improve their technique, endurance, and focus.

interactive isquash

Developed both for beginners and professionals, iSquash allows players to compete or play cooperatively with others around the world in real time and see their worldwide rankings for each game. The platform’s ball tracking technology keeps accurate scores, offers instant match statistics, and calls outs and faults.

The games available with iSquash are suitable for players of all ages and skill levels. Beginners can use training routines designed by professional players and coaches to improve their squash skills and conditioning, while more experienced players can challenge themselves a with variety of interactive games and use the training modules to perfect their technique.

interactive isquash

interactive isquashinteractive isquash

Squash easily compares to some of the most intense, energetic workouts out there and is known for challenging players’ agility, strength and balance. At the same time, it is a fun, social sport that anyone can play, regardless of age and skill level. It is very easy to learn, but those looking to truly master it must really push themselves to the limit in more ways than one.

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Like other racquet sports, squash helps players improve their motor skills, eyesight, and social skills, and is known to reduce the risk of heart disease by strengthening the heart muscles and lowering blood pressure. Giving players an intense full body workout, it also strengthens back muscles and wrists. In addition to the physical benefits, as a game that demands focus and strategy, squash has a variety of cognitive benefits as well and can improve players’ concentration in other areas of life.

interactive isquash

CEO Markos Aristides Kern about the system:

 ‘We are thrilled that the global squash community has embraced our project - ranging from famous pros to youth players. We hope that our technology will encourage more people to give squash a try. It’s obvious that the future of sports, technology and fitness are going to be increasingly connected, our company wants to be at the forefront of that wave.'

iSquash was developed by FUN WITH BALLS GmbH, a Munich-based company specializing in developing software and hardware for augmented reality solutions designed for use in sports. Watch the video below to learn more about it.

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