iWall Wins over Fitness Industry with Commitment to User-Driven Improvement

iWall Wins over Fitness Industry with Commitment to User-Driven Improvement images: CSE ENTERTAINMENT 

CSE Entertainment has received lots of positive feedback from users and gym operators regarding the iWall’s versatility, compelling immersive fitness games that deliver real workouts, and its commitment to excellent support and continuous development.

iWall, the immersive fitness wall developed by CSE Entertainment, is a unique product that keeps improving with every upgrade based on user feedback and the needs of gym and fitness club operators. The continuous development process is driven by the growing interest of a broad segment of new users who are looking for an engaging, enjoyable way to exercise. Ongoing improvement, combined with dedicated maintenance and repair support, has helped build trust with customers and partners around the world and made the Finnish company thrive and grow in a highly competitive segment.

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The commitment to always keeping the iWall fresh with new content is what gives the product a strong competitive edge over similar offerings on the market. iWall is accessible for everyone and can be used in almost every segment, which gives the company an endless stream of ideas for creating new content that will engage different target groups in active games. While children and teenagers are the obvious target audience, the games available with the iWall are immensely fun for all age groups and they deliver real exercise, which makes them just as suitable for fitness clubs as they are for amusement parks. The immersive quality of the games keeps the iWall popular which, in turn, makes it possible for the company to continue development.

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To make the iWall stand out even more, CSE Entertainment has plans to introduce the iWall Trainer program to help operators and trainers get the most out of the product. The program will guide trainers through the process of implementing various exercise programs, ranging from cardio workouts and small group training sessions to competitions, for all age groups.  

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The latest games developed for iWall include Parkour Extreme and Street Racing. Both designed for use in fitness and sports facilities, the games deliver real HIIT training. They challenge players to a vigorous race through a virtual course and award their efforts with in-game results. 

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Parkour Extreme, which has longer routes and more obstacles than original Parkour, challenges players to find the fastest route and run, jump, crouch and dodge to clear the obstacles in their way. The arrangement of the obstacles occasionally requires players to do several squats or squat jumps in a row. The game is based on the original Parkour for iWall and was developed based on input from gym owners, who wanted the game to really put the players' fitness level to the test. Parkour Extreme delivers the challenge to a tee. Players can even use weights while playing to give their arms a more strenuous workout.

iwall parkour

Street Racing requires players to run in place to get ahead in the game. Once they have reached sufficient speed, the players can squat to shift gears.  The higher they lift their knees while running, the faster their car goes in the game.

iwall street racing

In content development, CSE Entertainment works with gym operators, personal trainers and other fitness professionals and is guided by the concept of diversity in order to encourage players to keep challenging themselves without getting bored. Players can try to beat their personal best score or compete with friends. The games were developed with a particular focus on duration and finding the right balance to keep the challenge exciting without wearing the players out completely.   

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iWall has been featured at a number of trade shows and industry events in 2018, including FIBO in Cologne, IHRSA in San Diego, Elevate London, IWF Shanghai, SPOEX Seoul, and Träffpunkt Idrott Gothenburg. The purpose was to find new distributors, but with positive word of mouth from previous events, operators and end users, distributors were the ones to seek out the product instead.

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CSE Entertainment is particularly pleased with the sense of community the iWall fosters. Several gym operators introduced it to their facilities to encourage families to exercise together and were very successful in their efforts, with many new customers joining the gyms and all age groups being drawn to the new immersive fitness experience. 

iwall fitness

Watch the video below to see Street Racing in action.

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