JumpQ: Interactive Plyometric and Cardio Workout

JumpQ: Interactive Plyometric and Cardio Workout images: FIT INTERACTIVE, EXERGAME FITNESS 

Fit Interactive's JumpQ is an interactive jumping game that helps players improve agility, strength, and speed. It is the ultimate reaction trainer.

The JumpQ, an interactive game that uses plyometrics to help players enhance lower body strength and endurance, is an excellent way to improve speed, vertical jumping ability, and reaction time. The game delivers an invigorating cardio workout and improves the body's ability to train the fast twitch muscle fibers. This kind of training is particularly useful to athletes, as it helps them react more quickly to events on the playing field.

interactive jumping game

interactive jumping gameinteractive jumping game

The JumpQ lets players select a time interval for the game and asks them to jump from the central platform to a pad that randomly lights up, and then back to centre, which triggers another pad to light up. Points are scored based on the players' reaction time, measured from the time between the pad lighting up and the player jumping on it. If they hit the wrong pad, players lose points. Those with a better reaction time are awarded higher scores, and the game progresses at the player's speed, which makes it suitable both for children and adults.


Advanced players have several more challenging options to choose from: One Foot, Side Jumps, and Weighted Vest/Medicine Ball. One Foot requires the user to only use one foot for a set amount of time. Side Jumps asks the user to jump laterally on the steps that light up, first in one direction and then in the other. The third option lets the user compete on the JumpQ while either wearing a weighted vest or holding a medicine ball at chest level or overhead.

jumping interactive game

The JumpQ has a variety of benefits for users, including elevated heart rate for the cardio effect, improved agility, coordination, and balance, as well as enhanced leg power and explosiveness.

jumping interactive game

The games available with the JumpQ let users compete with random step pattern, left to right and lowest to highest step pattern, or with either high or low step only. For extra motivation, the training device lets users play their own music through the speakers while playing or in standby mode.

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