LiveRowing App Introduces Gamification to Indoor Rowers

LiveRowing App Introduces Gamification to Indoor Rowers images: LIVEROWING, LIVEROWING FACEBOOK 

The LiveRowing app is an innovative fitness app designed to keep indoor rowers connected to a larger community and keep them engaged using elements of gamification.

The LiveRowing app, a fitness app designed to connect indoor rowers and athletes with a larger online community, adds a new dimension to a great full-body exercise. Rowing is an excellent way to get in shape as it works most major muscle groups, but indoor rowing can get a little tedious after a while without the social aspect of the outdoor activity. This is where the LiveRowing app comes in, introducing an element of excitement into the workouts and connecting users' Concept2 indoor rowing machines to a worldwide community of users through their iPhone.

indoor rowing app

The LiveRowing app is an iOS app and rowing machine performance monitor that allows users to race against others in real time and tracks their performance, transforming what used to be an isolated indoor workout into a live, competitive, social experience, shared with rowers all over the world. Once connected, rowers can link up with other LiveRowing users and compete against them or row by themselves and try to beat their own personal best. The app lets users set their own personal goals and then logs every metre they row. For instance, rowers can challenge themselves to row a million metres or win five live races. The app also lets them customise their workouts based on time or distance or to create new workouts using the LiveRowing software.

indoor rowing app

indoor rowing appindoor rowing app

The LiveRowing app introduces elements of gamification into the workouts to allow indoor rowers to compete with other users, intelligently pairing them with other rowers who are at a similar level. The app enables users to go boat-to-boat in racing challenges while monitoring their time, distance and calories. By adding social gamification to the exercise, the app changes users' experience of indoor rowing and makes it more motivational and fun.

indoor rowing app

The application was developed by LiveRowing, a company dedicated to turning indoor rowing into a social experience, taking the isolation out of the workouts, and allowing users to track, analyse and store their performance data. 

indoor rowing app

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