Myride VX Transforms Indoor Group Cycling into a Cinematic Experience

Myride VX Transforms Indoor Group Cycling into a Cinematic Experience images: INDOOR CYCLING GROUP 

Myride VX, a virtual cycling software developed by the Indoor Cycling Group, is designed to transform indoor rides and group training into an immersive cinematic experience. The software allows users to select and control videos on a big screen to make virtual cycling classes more engaging and energizing, while simultaneously providing the riders with the data they need to track their progress.

The training sessions with the Myride VX are highly motivating and can be enhanced for cyclists who want to really push themselves during their workouts. The software itself combines entertainment with accurate performance data for optimal results and offers riders immersive cycling routes from around the world to keep the workouts fresh and exciting. At the same time, the software provides the guidance necessary to help cyclists reach their fitness and performance goals, and allows fitness club operators to maximize their space, schedule virtual classes at any time, and ultimately grow their membership.

Myride VX is one of the training solutions that will be featured at the upcoming FIBO Trade Show in Cologne, Germany. Watch the video to see the experience it offers.

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