MyZone at the China Sport Show 2014

MyZone at the China Sport Show 2014 image: MYZONE FACEBOOK 

MyZone was one of the fitness gaming companies showcasing their products at the China Sport Show 2014, which ran from May 9 to 12 at the Wuhan International Expo Center (WIEC). The company launched MyZone to the Chinese market at this year’s event, and also announced the release of MyZone 2.0, which is coming in the next several weeks. The 2.0 release is designed to motivate more people to be more physically active more often, and it will bring complete social engagement and interaction through games, challenges, and other group-based features.

MyZone is an exercise tracking system that provides users with real-time feedback on workout intensity and can wirelessly upload the stored data to an online logbook that can be accessed through the MyZone Lite App. The chest strap and monitoring system tracks the user’s heart rate, calories burned and effort.

To find out more about the upcoming release and see MyZone at the China Sport Show, watch the video.

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