MyZone Heart Rate Monitor System Tracks Gym-Goers’ Workout Intensity

MyZone Heart Rate Monitor System Tracks Gym-Goers’ Workout Intensity image: MYZONE 

MyZone’s new heart rate monitor system lets users keep track of their fitness stats at the gym and see how they compare to others.

The MyZone heart rate monitor system allows gym-goers to track their stats at the gym, monitoring their data – including heart rate and calorie expenditure – no matter where they are working out at the facility. All gym-goers need to do is get the $75 heart rate monitor and they can follow their stats on screens throughout the gym.

MyZone is a chest strap and monitoring system that tracks calorie burn, effort, and heart rate in real time and then displays the data live. The system also uploads the data to a logbook that users can access on the web or using the free MyZone Lite App. It is the only fitness tracking system that can provide real-time feedback on workout intensity and also wirelessly upload the stored data, making it accessible for gym-goers to use.

myzone heart rate monitor

The Chelsea Piers Sports Club in New York is one of the facilities that use the MyZone system. "We have it set up so they'll track anywhere inside the pier, whether you'll be on the track running, or you'll be doing the treadmill, cardio, you can be in the boot camp classes, or you can be here in the spin room," said Scott Berlinger, club manager. "It will also work, unlike most other systems, that this one will work outside. So if I go outside on the West Side Highway and I choose to do a five-mile run outside, as soon as I come in, it will pick me up, and then, it will upload my effort into the system so I actually get credit for it like I was inside the pier."

myzone heart rate monitor

With the MyZone heart rate monitor, users can also get emails summing up their stats and performance after each workout session at the gym. MyZone and similar systems also support competition among users to motivate them to work out harder. Users earn MyZone Effort Points whenever they exercise and no matter which activity they choose, they are ultimately competing for the highest calorie burn, length of time spent at the gym, and the greatest amount of work they put into their training sessions.

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