Pavigym's PRAMA Concept Delivers Functional Training for All Ages

Pavigym's PRAMA Concept Delivers Functional Training for All Ages image: PAVIGYM 

Pavigym’s PRAMA concept, designed to introduce a multisensory micro-gym to any existing fitness facility or health club, delivers targeted functional training solutions that are suitable to children, adults and seniors alike. The versatile fitness solution uses interactive floors and walls with LED enriched stations to offer a unique, dynamic environment and deliver different types of training that can be adapted to suit any body type or fitness level.

With day and night lighting options and a variety of lights and sounds, PRAMA guides gym goers through a series of exercises and motivates them to achieve more than they would in a regular fitness environment. The solution was developed to maximise the use of space in existing gyms, boost training efficiency and level of engagement, and deliver results. It can be used for personal and group training, or as a tool to attract new members. Watch the video to see it in action.

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