Reaction Training with Fit Interactive 3 Kick


Fit Interactive’s fitness system 3 Kick is a unique interactive reaction trainer that provides users of all ages with a fun alternative to traditional cardio, speed, and agility training.

3 Kick, an interactive training system created by Fit Interactive, is a heavy duty commercial grade fitness machine designed to provide users with a full body workout in a fun, competitive, interactive environment. The system is particularly popular among kids, kick boxers, and trainers, as it offers a versatile range of workout options suited to users of different ages and abilities.

fit interactive kick trainer

The 3 Kick training system uses resilient foam pads that can be kicked, punched, tapped, or slapped with the palm, fist, or foot. When the pads light up, users must hit them to turn the light off, and they must repeat this whenever a light randomly comes on to score points. Every time a pad lights up, there is an audible tone accompanying the light, which makes the games available with the 3 Kick more immersive for users. The training system is easy to use and resilient enough to be used for years.

fit interactive kick trainer

3 Kick allows one to three players to train in the ring simultaneously. Each round has an allotted time, set by the user or trainer. The game starts when a player hits or kicks a pad. When a pad lights up, the light stays on for five seconds or less if the player reacts faster. Once he or she hits the pad and turns the light off, another light will randomly come on, prompting the user to keep moving. The lights showing up in a random pattern make it harder for players to predict their next move, which keeps them on their toes, keeps the workout challenging, and adds excitement to the game.

fit interactive kick trainer

As players kick the targets, they accumulate points, which are displayed throughout the game. The display is large and provides instant feedback, allowing players to keep track of their score in real time. The more accurately and quickly the players hit the pads, the faster they accumulate points and if they hit the wrong pad, they lose points. The players are scored mainly based on their speed; the faster they move through the game, the more points they get. The scoring system makes it easy for users and instructors to track the users’ daily progress.

fit interactive kick trainerfit interactive kick trainer

The 3 Kick trainer allows users to compete against themselves, against others, or in teams. It supports individual competition, double teams, triple teams, and three on three competitions. The games available with the system move as quickly as the player does, which makes the 3 Kick system suitable both to children and adults, and both to beginners and advanced users. 3 Kick allows players to hook up their iPhone, iPod, or MP3/4 player to the system and play their own music through the unit as they exercise.

raction training 3 kick

The system is particularly well suited to fitness and health clubs as it offers their customers a unique new way to get fit while playing games and competing against others.

reaction training 3 kick

Watch the video to see the system at play.

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