runBEAT Introduces Small Group Training and Virtual Running Competitions to Treadmills

runBEAT Introduces Small Group Training and Virtual Running Competitions to Treadmills images: CSE ENTERTAINMENT 

CSE Entertainment’s runBEAT indoor running solution makes small group workouts more social, competitive, inspiring and varied.  

CSE Entertainment's innovative runBEAT solution is an indoor running solution that transforms treadmill workouts by allowing runners to race in groups and to compete against each other in virtual running competitions. Packed with beautiful graphics, it is the only small group training solution for treadmill workouts in the world. Developed to deliver a groundbreaking indoor running experience to gyms and fitness clubs, the solution introduces virtual environments to treadmills and allows runners to compete in 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m and 1k races, to train with groups, and compare their results with others.  

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Gamified interactive running with runBEAT

Designed by the team behind the award-winning Athene Exergaming solution, runBEAT was created to make treadmill workouts smarter, more varied and fun. The solution makes indoor running more social and more challenging by providing a versatile range of options for gamified, interactive training sessions for small groups.

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runBEAT offers programs for non-motorized treadmills and is comprised of 4-8 DRAX treadmills and a runBEAT kiosk, which has the software, programs and distances for group workouts. To enhance the training experience, customers can also order an optional large TV screen.

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DRAX treadmills were chosen as the best product to deliver the runBEAT experience for a number of reasons. The non-motorized curved treadmill has self-paced speed control, making it safe and easy for users to adjust speed. If the user simply takes bigger steps, the speed increases thanks to the curved design. The curve also encourages running on the balls of the feet, which improves technique and efficiency and reduces joint impact and risk of injury. Users can enjoy the more natural running feel, race in competitions and push themselves to the limit with interval training programs. DRAX treadmills are also considerably less expensive than motorized treadmills, which makes them more cost-effective for operators looking to set up a group training zone at their facility.

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The runBEAT solution was originally developed with a focus on competition as a way to break the monotony of indoor running, but it later proved to be highly adaptable to various exercise routines. The final product can be used in various aspects of running workouts, from warming up to interval training. It is suitable for users of all fitness levels and offers programs for everyone, from beginners to seasoned runners and pros.   

runBEAT has an intuitive, user-friendly interface that does not require runners to press any buttons during the races and allows them to safely focus on running. The simple interface and ease of use have already received a lot of positive feedback from users and operators. Operators are also impressed by the solution’s ability to engage a lot of users in a relatively small space.

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runBEAT was developed for gyms, fitness clubs, leisure centers, schools and universities, as well as venues related to travel, including resorts, hotels and other places that can greatly benefit from offering their guests a broader range of new experiences. It is an excellent solution to inspire and motivate people to start using treadmills and can also be used by running schools to improve technique in beginners. In gyms and fitness clubs, the solution adds the social component to the workouts, allowing users to choose common goals or race in competitions without ever losing sight of each other. It makes it possible for people to run together and compete even if their fitness levels are dramatically different. 

In addition to the existing programs, CSE Entertainment is developing more distances, new virtual paths and new training programs, including interval training, which will be available down the line.   

Personalized group training

runBEAT is the first fitness solution in CSE Entertainment's new BEAT product family, dedicated to turning indoor group training into an energizing, gamified experience. The solution will soon be joined by cycloBEAT, a revolutionary heart rate or watt-based training product that will deliver a personalized group training experience for indoor cycling. The cycling solution will make group sessions more exciting by challenging cyclists to reach and maintain a target percentage of their maximum heart rate in order to advance in a virtual race.  It will be available soon. 

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