Spivi to Unveil New Studio Edition Indoor Cycling System at IHRSA

Spivi to Unveil New Studio Edition Indoor Cycling System at IHRSA image: SPIVI 

Spivi will present a new release of the Spivi Studio Edition, an interactive indoor cycling system, at the IHRSA trade show in San Diego in March.

Spivi has announced the unveiling of the new Spivi Studio Edition release at the upcoming IHRSA (International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association) Annual International Convention and Trade Show in San Diego, California, on March 13 and 14, 2014.

The Spivi Studio Edition is a unique indoor bike training system designed for use in fitness studios, health clubs, and gyms. The system uses an advanced 3D visualizing system that allows users to see themselves as avatars in an onscreen cycling group in real time, and provides them with a motivating workout experience that elevates their performance. The Spivi Studio Server is linked with sensors on each bike and it generates an interactive experience for users within a virtual 3D environment, including hi-fidelity audio effects.

The Spivi Studio Edition is enhanced with a social network real-time rendering system that allows users to see the group cycling within an animated virtual scenery. Each user has an avatar, or Spivitar, which reflects his or her effort on the virtual road, and a personal zone on the company website where the user’s performance data and log are stored. The performance is calculated using either power sensors or an algorithm that combines the MET (metabolic equivalent) with the cadence sensor and a heart rate monitor, which is optional. The cycling class instructor can control the virtual environment using a wireless joystick.

spivi indoor training systemspivi indoor training

The Studio Edition is an excellent choice for gym owners as it helps attract new clients as well as reduce member dropout. The virtual 3D rides can be displayed using any screen or projector the owner chooses to use. The system includes the Studio Rendering Server, a computer with the Studio Edition software installed, a wireless router, optional cadence sensors for each of the indoor stationary bikes in the gym, a wireless bridge which communicates with the sensors on the bikes, and a wireless controller for the instructor to use to control the virtual environment. Before installing the system, gym owners must have a big screen to display the environment and an internet connection to get updates from the Spivi network and to store the users’ performance data.

The Spivi Studio Edition can be used by a number of bike models that do not require sensors. These include the WattBike, Schwinn AC Sport, AC Performance, and AC Performance Plus bikes, the Freemotion S11 bikes, the BODY BIKE Connect, the Keiser M3i, and the Star Trac Spinner NXT, Elite, Pro, V, and Blade ION.

Spivi specializes in developing products that combine virtual reality technology, fitness equipment, and elements of social networking, to place users in a stimulating virtual environment and motivate them to exercise. The technologies used in Spivi products allow users to either train together in small groups or as part of a global community on the web with other users worldwide.

The 2014 IHRSA trade show takes place at the San Diego convention centre. Visitors can find Spivi at booth #649 during trade show hours.

To learn more about the Spivi Studio Edition, watch the video.


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