The Quick Board Enhances Sports Training and Rehabilitation

The Quick Board Enhances Sports Training and Rehabilitation images: THE QUICK BOARD, FACEBOOK 

The Quick Board is a sophisticated training and diagnostic system that helps enhance athletes' performance and helps with rehabilitation after injury.

The Quick Board is an advanced diagnostic and training system designed to enhance functional performance, provide fast evaluation, and help athletes recover from injuries. The system is used by athletic trainers, physical therapists and strength and conditioning coaches around the world. It is a powerful tool for sports training, assessment, and physical and neurological rehabilitation. The system provides trainers and coaches with an easy way to quickly capture the data they need to objectively track athletes' performance and progress, to test for overtraining, and assess athletes' abilities after recovery.

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The Quick Board uses high impact sensors to track athletes' performance as they make contact with specific parts of the board. The system delivers results to a control panel in real time, making it easy for coaches and physical therapists to quickly and objectively evaluate athletes' performance.

In training, athletes are asked to focus their eyes on the control panel (e.g. a tablet) – as opposed to their feet – and respond to stimuli, which is an advanced method of improving agility, foot speed, and reaction time in sports because the interaction between the user and the system simulates game situations. In addition to offering physical benefits, the system also motivates users to improve their scores, creating a more competitive training environment.

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A study conducted at the University of Memphis showed that The Quick Board is an accurate tool for measuring reaction time and foot speed. The study also revealed that four weeks of training with the system resulted in better overall agility. The system provides long-term performance data that allows trainers to evaluate the effectiveness of various agility and speed training programs.

When used in rehabilitation, The Quick Board can improve and shorten the recovery. The system delivers accurate data on reaction time, speed and agility, allowing therapists to compare pre- and post-injury scores, to monitor athletes' daily progress, and assess the effectiveness of the therapy program. The system also makes it possible for therapists and sports medicine staff to determine if an injured athlete is favouring a healthy body part in the rehabilitation process, which can result in additional injuries.

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The Quick Board is useful in neurological rehabilitation as it helps restore the pre-injury communication between the injured body part and the brain. This is critical in any rehabilitation process because even after athletes have regained their strength and range of motion, if there is a neurological deficit still at play, it increases the risk of another injury.

The system is also used in testing to determine if an athlete is ready to return to play after rehabilitation. The pre- and post-injury data is used as a variable in determining if the athlete has sufficiently recovered.

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The Quick Board training system is scientifically proven to enhance performance in athletes and is used by many professional clubs and organisations, including the Detroit Tigers, Orlando Magic, and the University of Connecticut. Athletic organisations, physical therapy and sports medicine clinics can easily integrate the system into their existing programs for enhanced training and testing and to assist in rehabilitation. The Quick Board software is very user-friendly and can be programmed to meet the specific needs of individual patients and athletes.

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