Vescape Game Console for Quicker Fitness Results

Vescape Game Console for Quicker Fitness Results images: VESCAPE 

The Vescape game console helps users train more efficiently and achieve better results.

The Vescape game console is a commercial fitness solution that transforms regular cardio workouts into a fun, challenging experience, motivating users to exercise using the power of video games.

The game console requires players to bike to move their character in the game, to race against other users, or to test their skills in a competition with other gym goers. The users can feel the resistance increase when they are going uphill or when another player throws an anchor on their vehicles.

cycling fitness gamecycling fitness game

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The Vescape game console uses game controllers and a sweat-resistant 19'' touchscreen. The game controllers consist of two parts that are easily mounted on the handlebars. The console can be used with all major fitness machines, including steppers, stationary exercise bikes, and crosstrainers. The video games that can be played using the Vescape game console are designed to motivate users to keep exercising and to do it more efficiently. The games use interactive technology to change the speed and resistance of the fitness machines used, and to provide users with a challenging workout session. The technology also allows users to compete against each other in real time.

vescape cycling gaming

vescape cycling gamingvescape cycling gaming

The games available with the Vescape game console include Vescape Cycle Racing, Django Kart, Greedy Rabbit, and Monkey Odyssey. Vescape Cycle Racing is a 3D racing game that completely immerses the player in the virtual setting, helping him train more efficiently. Allowing users to bike through the Little River Canyon, through a jungle, or in the Valley, the game supports challenges and competitions for multiple players and helps users improve their fitness level quickly. Django Kart is a go-kart racing game that offers different characters, weapons, and bonuses, and simultaneously provides users with a vigorous workout. Greedy Rabbit is a game of tactics that motivates users to exercise and train their brain at the same time. Monkey Odyssey is an arcade game that uses simple gameplay and a varied range of challenges that test the user's focus and concentration.

vescape cycling gaming

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