VismoX Transforms Indoor Cycling Experience

VismoX Transforms Indoor Cycling Experience image: BODY BIKE INTERNATIONAL, FACEBOOK 

VismoX, developed by Danish indoor cycle manufacturer Body Bike International, is a system designed for tracking indoor and outdoor workouts. It is an innovative software solution for Body Bike indoor bikes that makes indoor cycling more motivational and allows cyclists to visualise their performance. The VismoX tracker application lets users track all their workout sessions, while fitness instructors can create programs based on watt and heart rate at Users get feedback displayed on the screen, including data on heart rate, cadence, effect, and speed.

The software allows fitness instructors to create real competitions based on watt and weight, while cyclists can use the VismoX training diary to store data from all their sessions. Users can also connect with friends on Facebook and compete with them. The application is available at the Apple Store and on Google Play.

To learn more about VismoX, watch the video.

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