Excel Equipment Expands Fitness and Health Line with Makoto USA Products

Excel Equipment Expands Fitness and Health Line with Makoto USA Products images: MAKOTO USA, EPIC BRAIN FITNESS 

Excel Equipment has acquired the Makoto USA line of interactive health and fitness products, including the versatile Makoto Arena.

Excel Equipment, LLC, an emerging player in the interactive fitness and health market, has announced the acquisition of the Makoto USA product line, which includes the ground-breaking Makoto Arena II and the Makoto Wall. This is the second major acquisition for the Illinois-based company in this segment in recent months. In May, they added Fit Interactive products to their line, looking to expand their interest in the health club industry.

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The Makoto Arena has a versatile range of applications in sports, physical performance, youth and senior fitness, rehabilitation, and in the therapy of people with special needs and autism. It is known to improve cognitive function, first-step speed and reaction time, and is used both for training and assessment. The Arena combines games, exercise and sensory integration therapy to deliver a unique tool for sports enhancement. With workouts that only last 15 minutes, athletes can improve their focus, hand-eye and foot-eye coordination, mental acuity, cognitive ability, speed, accuracy, as well as overall neurological and physical performance. Suited for users of all levels, the Arena also offers a fun way for seniors to stay fit and mentally sharp, and to delay symptoms of aging and illnesses like Alzheimer’s.

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In therapy, the Arena helps increase mobility and can be effective in neurological rehabilitation, helping patients recovering after a stroke, concussion, or traumatic brain injury reach their therapy goals. The device increases patient compliance by engaging them in interactive games while improving their visual, neurological and cardiovascular performance.

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Perceived as a game, the Makoto Arena is an excellent solution for therapeutic programs for children with autism, as it helps improve their bilateral coordination, agility, strength, fine motor integration and working memory. Researchers have also found it effective for other conditions, including ADHD, SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), and dyspraxia.

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"Makoto USA has done an excellent job of converting the therapeutic needs of doctors to the advanced programming and capabilities of the equipment today. We believe we are uniquely positioned to continue development of multisensory products for the consumer market as well as to expand the use of these products in the medical community," said Trushar Patel of Excel Equipment. "Other markets in need of this product right now are Seniors with concerns about dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative diseases as well as the Sports Market both for sports performance training and concussion diagnosis/therapy. Current customers using the Makoto Arena II may look to us for support and further development."

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Marian Shawn, President at Makoto USA, added, "For fourteen years Makoto USA has been incorporating the results of current studies of the brain to improve the multisensory aspects of the arena. Studies have shown that as few as 30 two-minute sessions in the Makoto Arena can have a statistically significant impact on an autistic child's ability to learn. We feel we have successfully completed our company's goal to develop the best and most effective neuro-kinesiological therapy equipment possible and look forward to seeing Excel Equipment lead the industry in effective brain fitness products."

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