Gymplate Delivers Playful, Effective Balance Training

Gymplate Delivers Playful, Effective Balance Training images: TECHNO CONCEPT 

The Gymplate platform offers a variety of fun, effective rehabilitation options for neurological and orthopaedic patients who need to improve their balance or posture.

Gymplate, an advanced rehabilitation platform from Techno Concept, offers a versatile range of options for physical therapy for a number of different pathologies and disorders. The platform allows patients to get involved in their recovery process in a fun, playful way, while simultaneously providing therapists with comprehensive data on the patients’ progress.

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Gymplate uses high precision force sensors to record the movements of patients' centre of pressure to enable therapists to analyse patients' balance, and it offers patients a series of personalised therapeutic exercises with visual and auditory feedback. The multisensory feedback provides patients with insights into the quality of their balance, enabling and motivating them to gradually recover their motor skills and helping them to appreciate the progress they have made in regaining motor control.

balance rehabilitation

Gymplate can be used to treat traumato-orthopaedic pathologies, neurological disorders and vestibular affections and is also an excellent tool for fall prevention programs for seniors. It is used in therapy programs for patients recovering after a stroke and those suffering from Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy, and hemiplegia among other disorders.

balance rehabilitation

Gymplate is a modular platform, one that allows therapists to change both patients' workouts and test conditions using features like unstable plate or optokinetic disturbance. This helps therapists first detect and then treat the influence of each sensory input on patients' balance: vision, inner ear, and proprioception. The platform offers effective workouts for lateral or sagittal instability and asymmetry, left/right transfer of support, stability limits, double task workouts and workouts with eyes closed.

balance rehabilitation

Gymplate is easy to use and completely adaptable to the patient. The software that comes with it allows therapists to perform a thorough assessment of patients' balance and use the detected problems to create targeted rehabilitation exercises tailored to each individual patient.

The platform was developed by Techno Concept, a French company specializing in research and development in the biomedical and biomechanical fields, and in creating innovative solutions for functional assessment and rehabilitation.

balance rehabilitation

The Gymplate kit comes with the Gymplate forceplate, handlebar and support kit, PostureGame3 rehabilitation software, user guide, rehabilitation protocols guide, an optional computer with a screen, and an optional accessories pack.

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