Hand Mentor Uses Game-Based Therapy to Restore Hand Function in Stroke Survivors

Hand Mentor Uses Game-Based Therapy to Restore Hand Function in Stroke Survivors images: MOTUS NOVA 

The Hand Mentor, a rehabilitation device developed by Motus Nova, is an engaging, clinically effective solution that helps stroke patients improve their motor function, strength and range of motion.

The Hand Mentor is an innovative robotic active-assist rehabilitation device designed to reduce impairment in stroke survivors, motivate them to actively participate in their recovery process, and improve their quality of life. Developed to train strength, range of motion and motor function in people experiencing paralysis or paresis, the device guides patients through a series of exercises for upper limb rehabilitation, delivered in the form of engaging interactive games. It also uses a pneumatic muscle to provide patients with assistance as needed.

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The Hand Mentor is worn on the impaired forearm, wrist and hand and used as a controller for the therapeutic games displayed on the control screen. The games are task-specific, goal-oriented and designed to help with extension, spasticity reduction and motor control.

Clinical trials with the Hand Mentor have shown that improvements occur after 30 hours of rehabilitation, but the device also provides benefits in the long term. It can be used to either improve function or manage impairment, and it adapts to patients’ needs as they make progress in therapy, allowing them to regain lost function in their hand.

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The Hand Mentor was developed by Motus Nova, a medical device company specializing in robotic physical therapy technologies that enhance care, expand access to treatment, and improve outcomes in therapy. Based in Tempe, Arizona the company combines robotic and telemedicine technologies with digital gaming to create practical, clinically effective solutions for a range of disorders and illnesses, including multiple sclerosis, strike, traumatic brain injury (TBI), cerebral palsy and incomplete spinal cord injury. The company's products are based on the latest insights in neurorehabilitation science and used by leading rehabilitation facilities, as well as by individual patients at home.

rehab robotic game

Watch the video below to learn more about the Motor Control Down program, one of the therapy options available with the Hand Mentor.

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