Lambda Robot Offers Unique Range of Options for Leg Rehabilitation

Lambda Robot Offers Unique Range of Options for Leg Rehabilitation images: LAMBDA HEALTH SYSTEM 

The Lambda Robot is a unique rehabilitation device that allows patients to perform a wide range of therapeutic leg exercises on a single machine.

The Lambda Robot developed by Lambda Health System is the only solution of its kind that allows patients to perform leg exercises in the entire working area, offering a workspace for a wide range of existing and innovative therapies and programs on a single rehabilitation device. The robot makes it possible for therapists to create fully customizable exercises for any stage of rehabilitation, from the early days to ambulatory care, and for patients to engage in a variety of rehabilitation programs that can include serious games and virtual reality applications. The interactive and VR elements are available to keep patients more motivated and engaged in their recovery process and they come with enhanced feedback that helps patients improve the motor learning.

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The robot has the ability to interact with the patient through touch and also uses visual and auditory feedback to make the therapeutic games and exercises more immersive. The elements of gaming and the challenge of making progress through different levels make the experience more playful, helping patients stay focused on reaching their goals. Therapists can easily customize the difficulty levels for each individual patient.

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The serious games available with the Lambda Robot target a range of cognitive disorders and pathologies, including hemiplegia and hemineglect. Several games were developed in collaboration with the HES-SO University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland and some of these games can be played with a virtual reality headset.

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The Lambda Robot has an intuitive, user-friendly interface that makes it easy for therapists to quickly master the possibilities available with the device. These include innovative therapy programs with passive or active, concentric or eccentric exercises and isokinetic, isometric or isotonic training.

rehab vr systemrehab vr system

Lambda Health System is a medical technology company that specializes in developing rehabilitation solutions that make the recovery process faster, simpler and better for patients. Based in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland, the company aims to make advanced robotic assistance more accessible for the rehabilitation of the locomotor system.

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The Lambda Robot is easy to install and requires minimal space. Watch the video below to see some of the options available with it.

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