MotionMagix Interactive Floor Installed in Mumbai Hospital

MotionMagix Interactive Floor Installed in Mumbai Hospital images: TOUCH MAGIX 

India-based digital technology company TouchMagix has installed a large MotionMagix Interactive Floor in the pediatric ward of a hospital in Mumbai.

The MotionMagix Interactive Floor has been installed in the waiting area of the pediatric ward at the Harkishandas Hospital in Mumbai. In installing TouchMagix' interactive floor, the goal of the hospital management was to create a fun, interactive space to engage children in various games and make their trip to the hospital less stressful, or at the very least less boring as they wait to see the doctor. The MotionMagix floor distracts kids from any fear or discomfort by offering them a number of immersive, highly engaging games. The games do not only reduce their anxiety, but keep them busy and happy. The floor supports both single and multi-player options.



TouchMagix' interactive floor is an excellent tool to keep children engaged without any additional effort from either their parents or the hospital staff, and to turn the waiting room area into a fun, stress-free environment for kids.

To ensure an exciting experience, the interactive floor can be progammed to track and calculate the movements of users' hands and feet. By identify the exact motion and pointing area, the floor allows more users to play and interact with each other on the display area.

TouchMagix' interactive solutions have a varied range of applications. The MotionMagix Interactive Floor uses gesture tracking to turn any floor into an interactive area where visitors' movements are converted into interactions on the display. The technology lets people play with the colourful high resolution content on the floor, which responds to their movements, encouraging further play. The MotionMagix Interactive Floor provides customizable content and reacts to movements in real time, delivering a fully immersive experience for users. Whether it is a game or an advertisement, the projected content can react as soon as people approach the interactive zone.


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