NEOFECT Smart Rehabilitation Technologies Impress at CES 2018

NEOFECT Smart Rehabilitation Technologies Impress at CES 2018 images: NEOFECT 

NEOFECT's smart interactive solutions make rehabilitation accessible to anyone through technological innovation.

NEOFECT's smart rehabilitation solutions were recognized for the second successive year at the 2018 CES trade show, held from January 9 to 12 in Las Vegas. The company's RAPAEL Smart Pegboard, a digital pegboard developed for stroke rehabilitation, was named a CES Innovation Awards Honoree in the Fitness, Sports and Biotech category. NEOFECT received the same award in 2017 for its RAPAEL Smart Glove, a clinically proven solution developed for the rehabilitation of common hand and wrist injuries.

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“We developed the RAPAEL Smart Rehabilitation Solutions to make stroke survivors’ recovery faster, and their home rehabilitation more convenient,” said Scott Kim, CEO and Co-Founder of NEOFECT USA. “Since CES, we’ve been getting requests from consumers for more information, and we’re working to help them – and their loved ones – achieve their goals of recovering from stroke and other musculoskeletal and neurological issues.”

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The company's innovative products create a fun environment for recovery and make therapy accessible to anyone, regardless of geographical location or financial status. The award-winning products deliver highly effective rehabilitation, boosting patients' confidence and supporting them on their way to recovery.

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The RAPAEL Smart Pegboard was developed to improve the effectiveness of grasp and dexterity training for stroke patients. It offers both functional and cognitive training and comes with more than 30 games that challenge patients' memory, improvisation, concentration and problem solving skills. The pegboard has integrated speakers and 63 LED lights that provide instant auditory and visual feedback and cues to keep patients engaged and motivated. The system comes with three interchangeable pegboards, each used for different types of games.

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NEOFECT's other products include RAPAEL Smart Kids and RAPAEL Smart Board. Like the RAPAEL Smart Glove, RAPAEL Smart Kids is an exo-glove that uses sensors and biofeedback to offer a variety of rehabilitation exercises. Developed for children with developmental disabilities, the training tool helps address a wide range of difficulties related to muscular nervous system conditions and central nervous system disorders. It uses a 9-axis movement and position sensor that measures wrist movements and sends the data to a computer system. The device trains motor tasks related to play, everyday activities and learning exercises using fun elements to keep children engaged in therapeutic tasks. The exercises available with the glove are designed for cognition therapy and physical therapy.

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kids rehabkids rehab

RAPAEL Smart Board is an upper limb rehabilitation tool developed to help patients improve their functional arm reaching ability while recovering from a shoulder or elbow joint injury. The games that come with the device are designed to improve the active joint movement range and control ability. The board automatically adjusts the level of difficulty to the patient's ability, delivering personalized rehabilitation. It also offers an advanced evaluation program that can be used to objectively assess the patient's status and progress during recovery.

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In addition to these products, NEOFECT has also developed the NeoMano, a wearable robot worn on three fingers, designed to help restore patients' hand function. Presented at CES 2018, the robotic device comes in the shape of an assistive glove developed to help people with a paralysed hand manage everyday activities such as picking up and holding objects or opening and closing doors.

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“During CES, a gentleman with a spinal cord injury stopped by our booth and tested the NeoMano,” Kim remarked. “It was wonderful to see the device in action, and the gentleman was pleased with the prototype. We love feedback from our customers and plan to incorporate his suggestions into the final design.”

Developed for people with a spinal cord injury, the NeoMano has a controller with two settings – grip and release – that curl the wearer's fingers around an object and extend them back into a resting position. A spinal cord injury causing hand paralysis can have a considerable effect on a person's quality of life, with symptoms ranging from pain and numbness to inability to perform everyday tasks. With NeoMano, NEOFECT hopes to help people affected by such injuries regain use of their hand. The robotic glove is expected to hit the market later this year after a Kickstarter campaign that launches in 2018. Watch the video below for a preview.

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