Swibo Tilt Gamifies Balance Training for Patients and Athletes

Swibo Tilt Gamifies Balance Training for Patients and Athletes images: SWIBO 

Swibo Tilt transforms physical therapy by turning smartphones and a lightweight balance training board into game controllers.

Swibo Tilt, an innovative platform designed to gamify physical therapy, offers a variety of exercise games developed to address different aspects of therapy. The platform lets users experience balance training through interactive games using their smartphone and an app that wirelessly connects to their computer. To play, users need a PC or Mac computer, the Swibo Tilt balance board, and a smartphone with an accelerometer and Bluetooth. The smartphone is placed on the balance board and connected to a game controller that measures’ users’ movement, balance and weight distribution. The platform also lets users track and analyze their performance and progress to keep them informed, active and motivated.

physical therapy game

Developed to improve compliance and make the recovery and rehabilitation process easier for patients, the Swibo platform measures patients’ movements and maps their balance while they play, offering them insight into their strengths and weaknesses and enabling trainers and therapists to provide custom exercises to improve users’ performance and recovery.

physical therapy game

Swibo Tilt has a wide range of applications. It can be used for high performance sports training, muscle rehabilitation and injury prevention. It offers performance analysis, injury risk assessment and recovery measurement while providing users with a fun way to keep active and compete against their friends by playing survival, puzzle, racing and other games.

physical therapy game

The games available with the platform test players’ stability and help improve their fine balance control and reactionary balance. For instance, NeoZen, a fast-paced racing game set in space, challenges players to use their balance to fly a space ship to score points, while Hexile, an adventure puzzle game, requires them to traverse levels by rolling their onscreen character through different challenges to unlock new difficulty levels. The platform can also be adapted to other applications, such as VR snowboarding games or balance training for users with severe balance impairment.

physical therapy game

physical therapy gamephysical therapy game

Swibo Tilt was developed by Swibo, a New Zealand company that specializes in creating content that gamifies physical training and therapy and makes exercise more engaging and fun. The company’s platform is used by professional sports trainers and therapists to increase adoption rates and get objective data that gives them a better insight into what exercises they need to assign and the goals they need to focus on. Watch the video below to learn more.

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