Fitbit Labs Launches New Experiences for Fitbit Ionic

Fitbit Labs Launches New Experiences for Fitbit Ionic images: FITBIT 

Fitbit Labs, a new initiative launched to deliver experimental apps and clock faces to Fitbit smart watches, has rolled out two unique experiences for the Fitbit Ionic.

Fitbit Labs, a Fitbit research initiative focused on developing and testing experimental features designed to motivate users and drive behaviour change, has introduced two innovative experiences for users of the Fitbit Ionic smart watch: Fitbit Pet and Think Fast.

fitbit labs

Fitbit Labs is focused on developing and releasing features that are works in progress and will be improved upon based on the users' feedback and data. These features allow users to uncover new dimensions of their health and fitness while also allowing the company to try more things, see what resonates with users and then continue to develop and improve it.

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Fitbit Pet is a clock face series that allows users to adopt a virtual dog or cat and walk enough during the day to feed the pet at least eight treats. One treat is equivalent to 10 percent of the user's daily step goal. If users fail to feed their pet, it will leave them the next day to find a user who will. Additionally, the virtual pet will encourage the user to adopt healthy sleeping habits by going to sleep at 10 pm every night and prompting the user to do the same.

fitbit pet

Think Fast is a two-minute task switching game that tests users' mental sharpness with tasks like matching colours, prices or types of fruit. Playing the game regularly allows users to track their results and see how their daily habits, such as reductions in sleep quality, affect their cognitive performance.

fitbit think fast

Three other experimental experiences – Mood Log, Tennis and Treasure Trek – will be rolled out later this month and the Fitbit Labs Dashboard, a web-based component for these features, will also be available by the end of the year. The dashboard will allow users to view their history, insights and trends over time.

fitbit labs dashboard

Mood Log is an interactive clock face that prompts users to evaluate their mood and energy levels at different times of day to help them track their emotional state. Users can set the frequency of the prompts themselves and then Ionic will buzz at given times to ask for input.

fitbit mood log

Treasure Trek is a game that uses the user's steps to power a virtual pirate ship searching for sunken treasure. The more users walk, the more gold they will uncover. They can use the gold to upgrade their ship and crew or adopt pets to help them make unique discoveries.

fitbit treasure trek

Tennis allows users to wear their watch on their racquet wrist to track match scores and get insights into their playing style. The app also offers an analysis of users’ shots by forehand, backhand and serve.

fitbit tennis

Fitbit Ionic users can start testing Fitbit Pet and Think Fast on their watch now. Fitbit will keep adding new apps and clock faces from Fitbit Labs throughout 2018 and beyond.

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