Nintendo Offers Users Free Wii Fit U Trial

Nintendo Offers Users Free Wii Fit U Trial images: NINTENDO 

The free Wii Fit U trial for Wii Balance Board users and Nintendo's new Fit Meter will be available starting November 1, 2013. New Wii Fit games include yoga, dance, aerobic workout and strength training.

Nintendo is offering owners of a Wii Balance Board a chance to download the Wii Fit U game trial for free from the company's eShop starting tomorrow, November 1. Along with the one-month free Wii Fit U trial, Nintendo is also releasing the Fit Meter, a companion accessory to the Wii Fit U, which will be available for $20. The full game and the Fit Meter will be available in a bundle for $50, but users who pick up the pedometer by the end of January and sync it with the Wii Fit U trial version will be able to keep using the fitness app indefinitely at no additional charge.

Wii Fit U allows users to take the workout with them wherever they go. They can exercise at home or use the Fit Meter to keep track of their calorie burn throughout the day. They can create custom workout routines of their favourite fitness activities, discover new ways to exercise with more than 70 activities to choose from, and keep track of their progress using the Fit Meter and the Wii Fit U software.


Nintendo's trial offer is not an abbreviated version of Wii Fit U, but provides users with the full experience of the game. The game will be available for download until January 31, 2014. Users who download the trial version but do not get Fit Meter by the end of January will be able to use Wii Fit U for free for 31 days after activation.

Other than functioning as a pedometer, the Fit Meter is also an altimeter, a functionality that allows the device to not only track the user's steps, but also to detect if the user is, for instance, hiking up a hill or walking up the stairs. These and similar activities typically burn more calories than walking on a flat surface, and this feature allows the Fit Meter to get a more accurate insight into the number of calories burned over the course of a day.

The Fit Meter can also detect the user's velocity and keep track of any activities that are more strenuous than walking, like speed walking, jogging, or running. The data, once recorded, can be linked up with the Wii U using the Wii U GamePad, and imported into the software, adding all the day's activities to the workout total. 


Along with the fitness activities and the Fit Meter, Wii Fit U also has a Gym Community mode, which allows users to share their workout information with friends, work out together, and keep track of each other's progress and fitness goals.

For those who have yet to start using the Wii Balance Board, the board and the Fit Meter will be available in a bundle shipping for $90 on December 13.

Wii Fit U is the third entry in Nintendo's Wii Fit series, launched in 2008. This iteration introduces 19 new activities into the mix, including eight different dance styles, yoga, aerobic and strength training, and others, bringing the total to 77 different activities to choose from for your personalized daily workout.

For more information about Fit Meter, watch the short video introducing the accessory below.


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