Suunto Spartan Collection Offers Performance Tracking and Analysis for 80 Different Sports

Suunto Spartan Collection Offers Performance Tracking and Analysis for 80 Different Sports images: SUUNTO 

The Suunto Spartan GPS smartwatches, mobile app and Movescount web platform offer a versatile solution for a wide range of sports and outdoor adventures.

The Suunto Spartan collection, which consists of Suunto Spartan GPS smartwatches, a mobile application for iOS and Android smartphones, and Suunto Movescount web platform, provides a unique solution for athletes, fitness enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers looking to track and analyse their physical activity, performance and fitness level in a wide range of sports and active leisure pursuits. 

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The Suunto Spartan GPS watch comes with 80 pre-installed sport modes and offers sport-specific data for running, triathlon, swimming, cycling, hiking, ski touring, and a variety of other sports and activities. The data displays, which are also sport-specific, provide users with accurate feedback and training insights relevant to their activity. Sport modes for the most popular sports, including running and cycling, also offer purpose-specific modes like obstacle race running, treadmill and interval running for advanced tracking. With the Suunto Spartan Ultra and the Suunto Spartan Sport GPS watches, wearers can use route navigation with heat maps in more than 15 sports and get data on personal bests, training load, rest and recovery, as well as comparisons with their peers.

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The smartwatches use a colour touch screen and three buttons to operate different functions. They offer up to 26 hours of battery life with GPS and excellent visibility, even when exposed to direct sunlight. The display screens are built to withstand various disturbances outdoors and can be locked if necessary.

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The Spartan collection also allows users to compare their results to those of their peers, see how they compare with the top 20%, and how much better they need to be to reach the top 10%. Suunto Movescount also has a peer-to-peer coaching feature that provides users with insight into how others train to reach their goals. The community-powered platform, which will be available with these new features in September, is designed to offer data and analytics for different sports, as well as to help users reach their personal goals. It is an excellent solution for sharing training data between athletes and coaches, and it allows users to create their own personal sports diaries to collect and share their training data and customize their Suunto watch. Users can log on to plan their training and use topographic maps to plan their routes.

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The Suunto Spartan app is currently available for the iPhone and the Android version will be released in late September.

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Watch the video below to see the range of possibilities available with the Suunto Spartan Ultra smartwatch.

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