Adidas ZONE for IHT Spirit Introduces Personalized Learning to PE Classes

Adidas ZONE for IHT Spirit Introduces Personalized Learning to PE Classes images: INTERACTIVE HEALTH TECHNOLOGIES 

The adidas ZONE for IHT Spirit is a wrist-based device that allows PE teachers to monitor student activity and performance, manage entire classes, and provide opportunities for personalized learning.

The adidas ZONE for IHT Spirit, developed by the German sportswear giant in collaboration with Interactive Health Technologies (IHT) LLC, is a wrist-based heart rate monitor and activity tracker designed to improve K-12 PE programs and maximize student outcomes. Developed specifically for the PE classroom, the device is a comprehensive tool that facilitates curriculum and assessment management and offers accurate activity monitoring that makes it easy for teachers to track student performance, measure the effectiveness of their programs, and connect with students and parents to make better decisions.

adidas zone iht spirit

The system gives students the support they need to exercise and enables one-on-one conversations and individual coaching tailored to each student’s fitness level. At the same time, it allows teachers to manage an entire class using a single intuitive, cloud-based tool. The performance data collected by the device is transferred in seconds and provides students with real-time visual feedback, delivering digital heart rate and zone data that enables them to get more in tune with their bodies and exercise to their full potential.

adidas zone iht spirit

adidas zone iht spiritadidas zone iht spirit

The adidas ZONE for IHT Spirit was developed to support physical education and motivate students to stay active and take control of their personal fitness and health. First announced at CES 2015, the partnership between adidas and Interactive Health Technologies, led to close collaboration between the two companies to incorporate the insights of educators, school administrators, students and parents in an effort to produce a tool to inspire the young generation to adopt healthy habits.

adidas zone iht spirit

The device has an easy-to-use interface and is built to endure everyday use and keep up with the busy school schedule. The IHT Spirit System, designed specifically for education, represents the gold standard in fitness technology for schools, offering a variety of features, including heart rate monitoring, unlimited assessments, student journaling, fitness testing and reporting, and the adidas spirit challenge. The IHT Spirit System with adidas ZONE for IHT Spirit was launched in April 2016.

Jen Ohlson, Co-Founder & President of IHT said: “Working with the IHT Spirit System, the adidas ZONE for IHT Spirit, opens up a whole new playbook for physical education. Through personalized learning, we are giving students the support they need to exercise and reach their own individual potential.”

adidas zone iht spirit

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