i3LIGHTHOUSE Interactive Floor Projector Promotes Learning Through Active Play in the Classrooom

i3LIGHTHOUSE Interactive Floor Projector Promotes Learning Through Active Play in the Classrooom images: 3-TECHNOLOGIES 

The i3LIGHTHOUSE interactive floor projector is an innovative digital learning tool developed to promote learning through fun, engaging hands-on activities in the classroom.

The i3LIGHTHOUSE interactive floor projector developed by the Belgian company i3-Technologies uses a laser projector and computer to offer a variety of engaging activities that promote learning through active play. Developed for classrooms, kindergartens and other educational environments, the system transforms classroom floors into exciting interactive playgrounds and lets children use both their hands and knees to move around on the ground. It immerses them in a range of interactive activities that make lessons more fun while promoting active, collaborative play and sharing.

interactive floor in school

The interactive learning platform supports k-12 learning environments and helps prepare children for a successful learning path. It uses interactive tools to connect classroom concepts to fun hands-on activities and to encourage active participation to help kids make sense of the world around them and develop their cognitive skills. Additionally, the platform helps broaden kids’ social and communication skills while also introducing them to digital media and technology at an early age. The software is managed with two light pens, making it impossible for kids to interfere with it.

interactive floor in school

i3LIGHTHOUSE has an integrated technology that provides users with access to various applications, including Activity Builder and Wordwall, which offer a range of customizable templates and allow users to create unique, personalized interactive games and activities to engage the entire class. Kids can interact with Wordwall via the i3LIGHTHOUSE user interface or via their tablet, mobile phone, PC or any other web-enabled device.

interactive floor in school

I3LIGHTHOUSE comes in a compact, mobile cabinet with four durable castors and can be easily moved around the classroom. It has a padded cushion on top to give teachers a comfortable place to sit and is available in a wide range of colours to make the classroom environment more inspiring. An optional optimized projection surface is available with the system to ensure optimal visibility and interactivity.

interactive floor in school

Watch the video below to learn more about the system.

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