iMO-Learn Transforms Classrooms into Interactive Learning Environments

iMO-Learn Transforms Classrooms into Interactive Learning Environments images: I3-TECHNOLOGIES 

iMO-Learn is a concept that uses dynamic sitting, kinesthetic learning and active learning methods to enhance classroom learning and give children's creativity free rein.

The iMO-Learn concept is an innovative active learning solution that consists of seats equipped with motion sensors, designed for dynamic sitting, and uses different learning methods to transform the classroom into a unique, interactive learning environment. The system was developed to encourage children to naturally move more in the classroom and to provide them with an unprecedented learning experience. It comes with a handbook with 53 exercises and uses three learning methods – dynamic sitting, digital kinesthetic learning, and analog active learning – to enhance the learning process in several domains: linguistics, mathematics, puzzles, and balance exercises.

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Developed by i3-Technologies in close collaboration with teachers and students, iMO-Learn offers four basic configurations that provide a starting point for redefining the classroom experience. The system combines learning with movement, enabling students to learn more intensively and be more creative. It can be used with or without motion sensors. With the sensors, the seats can be linked to the i3LEARNHUB online software, which opens up a range of possibilities for learning, offering instant feedback to students and educators. For instance, the system can be easily integrated into the Quick Quiz module, which requires students to answer questions by moving or shaking their seats.

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The seats themselves are lightweight and resistant to moisture, high temperatures and rough handling. They don't have any straight edges and, with the spherical side on the floor, they don't allow children to sit still. If students use the other sides, the seating position will simply adjust itself. In addition to dynamic sitting, the seats can be used to perform physical exercises, short physical and knowledge tasks in the form of brain teasers, and activities that deepen and intensify learning through movement.

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i3-Technologies is a global company dedicated to developing innovative integrated solutions that foster interaction in learning and meeting environments. Based in Diest, Belgium, the company offers a versatile range of products and accessories for schools and corporate environments which combine hardware and software technology with visual communication solutions to inspire and facilitate the way people interact, collaborate and communicate.

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Find out more about iMO-Learn and how it is used in the classroom in the video below.

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