Play Impossible Gameball Introduces Digital Challenges to Ball Games

Play Impossible Gameball Introduces Digital Challenges to Ball Games images: PLAY IMPOSSIBLE 

The Play Impossible Gameball is an active play system that consists of a smart ball with a patent-pending sensor and a companion app, and delivers a range of fun connected ball games for kids.

The Play Impossible Gameball is an innovative active gaming system that combines an inflatable smart ball with a mobile app to bring a new twist to popular ball games. The system introduces digital technology to physical play to keep children entertained, challenged and active. The Gameball has an embedded sensor that uses Bluetooth to connect to the Play Impossible app, allowing kids to play free connected ball games indoors or outdoors. The system is recommended for kids aged nine and older.

active gaming ball

active gaming ballactive gaming ball

The Gameball registers every toss, shake, spin and drop and measures the distance and force when the player throws or catches it. It comes with a variety of challenges, including how quickly or softly the player can toss or receive it and how much spin he can get. Every time the player beats a challenge, he unlocks new ones.

active gaming ball

The Play Impossible app comes with seven free games that can be played by one or more players. The games are based on physical play and require agility, hand-eye coordination and creative thinking. Impossible, for instance, poses unique challenges, rewards players with stars for precision and unlocks new levels and new worlds with bigger challenges as the players progress through the game. Skyscraper requires players to throw and catch the ball until they reach the target height, while Splash challenges them to keep the ball in the air for longer periods of time and measures how softly they catch it. Rally requires players to keep the ball up without catching or dropping it, and Jostle challenges them to make the person holding the ball shake it.

active gaming ball

The Gameball comes with a Rapid Charger and takes only 20 seconds to recharge when it runs low on energy. Once fully charged, the ball provides a full hour of play time.

active gaming ball

Watch the video to see some of the active play options available with it.

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