Polar Activity Monitors in Schools

Polar Activity Monitors in Schools images: POLARGOFIT.COM, POLAR 

Activity monitors have a wide range of benefits when used in schools, as they allow students to track all their physical activity throughout the day and get a better insight into how active they really are.

The Polar Activity Monitor is a solution ideal for schools for a number of reasons. It measures all students’ daily activity, including sleep time, and makes it easy to create long-term reports of their activity levels. The monitor is an effective tool for motivating children to keep moving and it helps teachers educate the kids about the importance of leading a healthy life. It also allows teachers to evaluate the students based on their performance, as it provides accurate, objective data on all their activity.


Polar’s wrist-worn activity monitors use an integrated accelerometer to let children and teachers keep track of their daily activity. The monitoring units don’t require a chest strap, which makes them very convenient for use with children. The monitors activate automatically when kids start moving, whether they are playing, jumping, running, or swimming.

Polar’s monitors divide all the students’ activity into five different zones: very easy, easy, moderate, vigorous, and vigorous+. The monitors display the kids’ level of effort in a way that is easy to understand. The harder the kids work out, the harder the character on their monitor works.

All the students’ activity data is easy to document and follow on, designed especially for activity monitoring in schools. Polar’s web service makes it easy for educators to create reports for groups and individual students, to track the children’s long-term progress, and to share the data with parents. The site also makes it simple to identify important areas for improvement and see which students need extra motivation.

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