ShotSpot Interactive Wall Challenges Shooting Skills Through Competitive Outdoor Play

ShotSpot Interactive Wall Challenges Shooting Skills Through Competitive Outdoor Play images: PLAYNETIC 

The ShotSpot is an interactive ball wall developed by Playnetic to motivate children to play outside and improve their speed and accuracy while shooting a ball at differed coloured impact-sensitive targets.

The ShotSpot is a double-sided, human-powered interactive ball wall designed to motivate users to play, be active and improve their accuracy and speed while shooting a ball at different coloured targets. Developed by the Dutch company Playnetic, the wall uses interactive technology to bring active play to public outdoor environments and encourage children to play outside. It can also be used in sports training to improve athletes' accuracy and shooting skills. It is suitable for users of any age.

interactive ball wall

The interactive wall uses six impact-sensitive panels as targets and offers a range of interactive games that both challenge users and engage them in fun, competitive play. Users can kick or throw a ball at the targets and they get feedback on their performance through LED lights and sounds, which encourages them to keep playing and improving their skills.

interactive ball wall

The ShotSpot comes with three pre-installed games – Memory, Light Fight and Sharpshooter – that can be played by one or more players. Memory challenges them to keep shooting the ball at the right colour and to collect three pairs. Light Fight encourages competition and asks players to fill as many panels as they can with their colour. Sharpshooter tests players’ accuracy and speed, challenging them to hit the panel that lights up. The games can be played on both sides of the wall.

interactive ball wall

Playnetic specializes in developing interactive products that facilitate active play in public spaces, challenge children’s cognitive and physical skills, inspire them and improve their well-being. With a network of dealers worldwide, the company offers a wide range of user-focused solutions that use innovative technologies to improve the quality of living outdoors.

interactive ball wall

The ShotSpot is completely human powered and does not require an external power source or a battery. Watch the video below to see some of the options for active play possible with it.

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