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The Target Trainer, an interactive fitness system designed by fitnessgaming ltd, offers teachers a wide range of games and options for physical education class.

The growing popularity of interactive games as a tool to curb obesity and illnesses resulting from inactive lifestyles has made these games a popular choice for physical education classes and other school-based activities. PE teachers, educators, and trainers frequently use them as part of a workout regime to increase stamina and motivation, improve cognitive and motor skills, and increase strength and endurance in children.

The Target Trainer, created by the active gaming company Veqtor UK, is one such tool, and it can be used in physical education, after-school activities, physical therapy, and rehabilitation. It is a gaming system that uses interactive wall panels and allows users to play individually, in pairs, or in groups of four. The interactive panels can be linked together to allow larger groups of players to exercise simultaneously and keep track of their performance. The Target Trainer can be mounted onto a masonary wall, which is the standard set-up for the system, and other mounting options include the free standing mobile roll away trolley and similar set-ups.

Players can exercise using a number of different projectiles, from basketballs and footballs to tennis and squash balls, cricket balls, and baseballs. The games and workout routines available with the Target Trainer promote inclusive play and are well suited to users in wheelchairs and those with limited motor skills. The height of each target the players must hit is instantly adjustable to their own height, which means that the games can easily be played from a seated position. The system comes with nine active targets with hitting sensors and LEDs.

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The Target Trainer is particularly useful to physical education teachers and PT instructors, as it allows them to create fun workout routines using the system's software and also to monitor the users' progress and skills development by collecting feedback on their performance and building historical data.

Depending on the package, the Target Trainer allows up to 100 workouts, with up to nine levels per each game. The required speed or hitting power changes with each level. The optional software available for the system includes the Target Trainer Curriculum Manager.

Veqtor UK, established to bring top active gaming products to Europe, focuses on making exercise fun to people of all ages. Their fitness gaming products offer a wide range of games and activities, but they all meet a strict set of fitness standards to make sure the products deliver tangible results. The activities must provide progressive fitness challenges to improve the users' health and skill level, and the level of activity must directly affect the performance in the game. Activity levels must be adjustable to make the games and their inherent benefits accessible to users of different ages and abilities, and the activities themselves must positively affect at least two key fitness components related to skills and health. These include muscular endurance, cardiovascular fitness, agility, flexibility, body composition, power, speed, balance, and reaction time. All fitnessgaming systems allow the users' performance to be monitored and their progress recorded, which makes these products particularly userful in schools, gyms, and physical therapy facilities.

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